Bold and Beautiful! These are the color predictions for Spring 2017. This according to the Pantone Color Institute, the color forecaster for the design industry. The Institute was founded in1963 to provide a system of identifying and matching colors, in response to the industry’s difficulty in producing accurate color matches. The Institute founder, Lawrence Herbert, considered how different individuals viewed and interpreted the color spectrum. The Pantone Matching System provides a standardized format. The Institute also anticipates the color trends that will emerge in the year ahead.

Cues are often taken from New York Fashion Week, looking at the tones generating the most interest on the runway. And these cues are not just for fashion. They quickly trickle into the world of interiors. For clients looking for an on-trend design scheme, these colors are often the starting point.

Predictions are made several years in advance. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone, explains, “You have to look at things and ask if people will say, “I love that color, I want it now?”

“Several years in advance” may not always result in an accurate forecast that reflects the current mood of clients, which may be swayed by political affairs and world events. Home is often regarded as a sanctuary. With such a turbulent 2016, would it be a surprise to find that clients are looking for a calmer and more serene color palette?

Selecting from the 2017 color palate, here are some favorites:

Pale Dogwood….

Pale Dogwood




Kale ….


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