The collaboration between Tory Burch and Daniel Romualdez is a long one…

Daniel Romualdez

Romualdez, an AD100 architect and designer, has designed each of Burch’s 140 retail outlets across the globe and, while there are common elements across each of them, individual spaces are unique and tell a slightly different story. He sums up his ethos as “form follows function. A home, no matter how beautiful, does not succeed if it is not comfortable.” Each store is designed to create a distinctly residential style, very different from the standard retail experience.

Tory Burch store in Los Angeles


Tory Burch store on Madison Avenue

Fresh flowers, lush fabrics, saturated colors and fine furniture characterize each store. Bohemian elements are added, including Syrian tables with mother of pearl inlays, and other souvenirs from Tory’s world wide travels. “With Tory, its about honoring her taste at that moment. Her aesthetic is always evolving,” says Romualdez.

When the Tory Burch headquarters moved from Madison Avenue to the Flatiron District in NYC, Romualdez was again given the brief to focus on the comfort and residential vibe with a glamorous backdrop.




Comfort is key!

The lush velvet upholstery, often in a forest green or teal blue, beautifully finished with trim and bouillon fringe. The pops of neon color, often in the brand’s signature orange, do not (surprisingly!) clash but draw the eye across all the elements in the room. Shiny lacquered walls, a design trend made popular by designer Miles Redd contribute to the high gloss effect, punctuated with gold and reflective surfaces.  And the classic blue and white chinoiserie is another common theme.

In 2015 Burch opened her first store in Paris. Launched during Paris Fashion Week, it was designed in line with the blueprint, but with a few nods to the Parisian location. The decor of the 4,200 sq ft. store included Madeleine Castaing rugs, fretwork etageres, French oak chairs and wood paneling.

Exterior sketch of rue Saint -Honore by Pierre Le-Tan

The Paris store on 412 rue Saint-Honore

Such is the depth and trust in the Burch-Romualdez partnership, he has also designed her 9,000 sq. ft. Manhattan apartment at the famous Pierre Hotel.  It clearly is a formula that works.


All images from Architectural Digest,, Pinterest.